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King Size Headboard

Design and Build

I reached that moment in life where I upgrade to a king size bed. I figured i should commemorate it with a proper hand made headboard. I was inspired by a poorly designed table my uncle had built. It looked like the Eiffel Tower but without any symmetry and it was a little wonky. I was in the sketching phase of this project and my wife told me to make it an A frame headboard. The idea inspired a design with as few major beams as I could design into it, but also using building methods with as few metal pieces as possible. So this design actually uses no screws and only uses nails to put up the slats that cover the frame. It’s weight actually supports the design by pulling it together. I was very pleased how it came out and at the last minute opted for a hidden compartment in the headboard instead of the original concept of having an open pocket for items and cables to run through. The sides are open and that is where I store tablets and power cables come out the sides for easy charging and storage. One of these days I will make my bed and include a final photo of it in my bedroom.