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Old Church Slavic Book

This PDF file is optimized for sharing publicly. If you would like a full resolution version (128mb) I can provide it via email. Simply contact me and request it.
I came across the book in a thrift store, in a bin full of discarded books. I think I paid $.79 for it. I have another one just like it, but larger and in worse condition. I will work on digitizing it next, but the copy inside the books seems to be identical. I have traced their history back to the Russian Orthodox Church. I think they are from the early 1800s, unless they are some sort of reproduction, but the leather is aged and the binding has horse hair in it. They could possibly be earlier. They were printed on a press and the paper doesn’t feel like wood based paper. You can see in indention from the original pressing on the other side of the page. I wanted to make these images available and the full content because I do believe this to be a rare glimpse into history. These books probably contain early narratives of the gospel message along with instructions for performing rights and rituals of the Russian Orthodox Church.