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Collecting Old Records

First, let me say, I don’t believe records to be of superior quality. That is ridiculous. Uncompressed digital audio is beautiful. But there is something magical about sound being etched into the surface of vinyl. You can turn off the speakers entirely and still hear the music coming off the spindle as it scratches along the surface of the record. And all the hisses and scratches that some would say distracts from the quality, I feel give it much more emphasis. You can reproduce sound so easily today, it’s hard to appreciate it. But when you put on a record that was pressed almost 50 years ago and think about the effort of recording those sound waves and pressing them into this vinyl, it just makes it feel so important for you to hear this and enjoy it. I like to hit estate sales on the weekend and look through old record collections for good finds. I’m not a collector. I actually just listen to them from time to time.